Rebecca Putinski


Another summer nearly over. Lots of fun so far. 1534876639

Finally joined bosh. It's extremely windy outside. Spring time. Made tart dough.1522866711

Life is good but my brain is bad. 1517014856

I'm eating dinner while waiting for some DNS records to propagate, after some great after-work devops. Stardew Valley is cute. I can farm pixels on a big screen now. What a life. 1504055886

It blows my mind every day how different everyone is, and all of the luck and decisions it took for anything to get to where it is now. That tree? How?! You? Crazy. Observing anyone and imagining their life. Someone is dying right now, someone is being born. How many dragonflies were hatching when Hitler died? Data we'll never have. 1502755324

Nevermind, life sucks. Time for a life reset. +10 Resilience. 0 HP. 1497791634

Actually enjoying life for the first time right now. Yay. Drumcode too. Screen is one of my fave programs. 1487122486

Labels describe, but also evaluate. 1470358940

Other Things

  • Ginger
  • Techno/progressive/psy listener
  • Programmer
  • Baker
  • Plant waterer
  • Traveller
  • Canada